About Christina Trujillo:

Christina Trujillo (born Jones) is a writer, wife, craft beer lover, downtown Beaumont advocate, and aspiring professional human being. She claims Austin, Texas, as her hometown, and currently resides in Beaumont, Texas.

Let’s get personal with a perspective change. I’ve only felt bold enough to claim the title of writer recently, but it’s a passion I’ve pursued my entire life. From terrible angel fan fiction (the celestial being, not the television show), to imaginative tales of buying a robot stegosaurus for a pet, my childhood was full of stories.

But, as one third grade teacher remarked, “Christina has a vivid imagination, but she never finishes the stories she starts.” And thus, an entire pattern of my life, summed up in one sentence.

So I’m working to change that pattern, and this time, set my own life on fire until I can call myself a writer with confidence.

Past lives: