Best Dive Bars in Southeast Texas

The Difficulty of Letting Go: Part 1

A year or so ago, I was working for a company based out of Austin where we hired a recent college graduate. Part of my job was training her to do tasks I had previously done, so I could move on to other tasks. Being only a few years out of college myself, I decided to do more than train her on how to do tasks, but why. I would give her the broad idea of a task, and see if she carried it out differently than I would.

Of course, being a different person than me, she did execute tasks differently. It was a moment of strain for me. Even though what she had created wasn’t what I would have created, was it a job well done, or should I bend her creativity to mine?

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On What People Are Allowed To Fear

This blog has been around since 2010. Due to bad back-up keeping and a failure to renew my domain one year, I lost all of my posts and started fresh in 2016.  BUT, thanks to the Wayback Machine, I was able to recover most of my old content.

Here’s a old blog about cockroaches, which is still a topic of choice for me. It’s even got a quaint Rebecca Black reference.

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