Self-Improvement Day 5: Unroll Yourself

Undertaking* Day 5 of the “Live in the Grey” Self-Improvement Challenge**, I plug a super useful service that’ll help you get to approach inbox zero.


Inbox zero*** is the rainbow’s pot of gold for today’s modern age. Our white whale. Our windmill. We’re doomed to chase Inbox zero until we end up crazy, staring at a little red circle that reads 1,162. Aka 1,161 e-mails you will never read and one e-mail you actually need to read but it’s slipped between the cracks of unsolicited newsletter subscriptions and Amazon shipment notifications.

Professionals who have to use e-mail for a living, if you haven’t heard of this, let me share with you the greatest e-mail management software known to man:

Keys to a successful Unroll-roll-out?

  1. Don’t be shy. Even though you want to pretend you’ll read every HARO notification, let’s face it – you let 300 of those suckers sitting in your inbox for years, unread. Put it in your rollup, and get to it when you have time.
  2. Unroll often. Like rabbits, new subscriptions multiply if left unchecked. For instance, it only took me one week to get 5 new subscriptions.
  3. Be diligent with the e-mail you’ve got left. Check your rollup daily, respond and archive the stuff you deemed worthy enough of your inbox. All that jazz.

Oh, in case you haven’t guessed, today’s challenge involved unsubscribing from a bunch of e-mails. As seen in today’s blog image, done and done! But I figured I’d share a little knowledge on the way to a cleaner inbox****


*This is a promise I don’t mind breaking – I couldn’t stand looking at “embarking” anymore.

**Heyy, take the Self-Improvement Challenge yourself @ Live in the Grey

***This is another great way to get to inbox zero, assuming you use gmail’s in-browser app most often

****In the spirit of honesty, my inbox is at 253 BUT it was in the thousands as of last month so….

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