Self-Improvement Day 4: Finding Joy

Embarking* on Day 4 of the “Live in the Grey” Self-Improvement Challenge**, I fight my sarcasm gene in order to find joy.

Find joy on a Friday? I couldn’t think of an easier challenge, until the clouds opened up on me when I checked the mail before work. Or my entire bag of makeup spilled out on the floorboards of my car. Or how my skirt kept getting caught on my sparkly shoes.

But! The triumph of joy is that it supersedes even the trivial nuisances. Or so I’d like to believe – I’m kinda new to this whole optimism thing. Still, without further adieu…

10 things that gave me joy today

  1. Wearing a pink skirt I’ve been too afraid to wear to work for fear of it being “weird.”
  2. Singing along in my car to, “Only the Good Die Young” by Billy Joel. It reminds me of my dear friend Sheena. I especially jammed my favorite lyric: “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. The sinners are much more fun.”
  3. I wouldn’t call them sinners, but I also made sure to make myself laugh with co-workers all day long. Fridays are much more fun if you share laughter with others.
  4. My red stapler that I brought to work myself. For obvious reasons.
  5. Laughing about things I wouldn’t dare say, but sharing them with my sister via text.
  6. Trekking to my car for oreos, because I deserve them, gosh darnit.
  7. Sharing my opinion, even when it’s uninvited, because I’m not silencing myself any longer (cue a legion of my friends wondering if I’ve silenced myself, ever, and fearing a life where I speak up more often).
  8. Envisioning my life with purple hair. Soon.
  9. The irony of getting hit in the head with a hard hat. Even the bad things can bring you joy, if they make you laugh.
  10. Writing this blog. Aw, don’t blush, blog. But I’m proud of my dedication, and being proud of actions brings me joy.

Bonus joy: I fully intend to order myself some comfort Mexican food tonight. I’m gonna get a taco salad, and then I’m gonna get something really fattening to cancel it out.

That’s all – if I don’t see ya tomorrow or Sunday, enjoy your weekend, friends!

*I said I’m gonna keep starting these with embarking, and I mean it!

**As always, take the Self-Improvement Challenge yourself @ Live in the Grey

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